Asian clothing Style Influencing Western Woman

The fashion sense of Asian countries has been evolved historically from different phases of it and made its unique identity all over the world. Asian fashion is a combination of modern and traditional dresses. Traditional dresses have developed their importance as a symbol of national tradition. It is not static; it is changing over time and evolving into pure and more modern forms. Due to its designers, stylists, models and fashion shows Asian industry has become famous all over the world.

Changing in the trend of fashion is one of the aspects from changing lifestyle of Asia. Nobody can define fashion in a single word. This race is going on since ages and will surely sparkle and continue till the end of the world. Innovative ideas and competitive designs of talented designers are projecting the cultural legacy of Pakistan. Fashion industry of Asia is showing diversity and dynamism. By introducing various designs, blessings our eyes with attracting colors, providing better quality with latest trends, our industry has taken fashion to the next level.

Asian social media and film industry playing the biggest role in promoting fashion in Asia. There are some portals, websites, TV channels and magazines that are only working for fashion industry.

Traditional dresses that represent Asian culture mostly demanded by many cities while in major cities combination of western touch and cultural touch is highly demanded by people. Regional clothing and traditional wedding dresses are also very popular. You can visit our website for our details

Asian fashion industry can earn huge amount of foreign exchange because our designs and styles are famous in all over the world. If it succeeds to grab the attention of foreign buyers it will definitely take market to higher level of accomplishment.

Pakistani textile industry no doubt is considered as a backbone of earnings from foreign buyers. Our industry is running under many crises; high energy prices, tight monetary policy, stuck up refunds and many more. It is also facing tough competition with Bangladesh, Thailand, India, China and other states that have the impact on foreign fashion market. Our government should take effective measure to cope up with these markets and stand with them. It should take serious initiatives to protect domestic industry which is the source of highest foreign exchange earnings; it is also a large source of employment for many citizens.


Asian fashion industry is very popular in the entire world due to its proper forecasting and market planning.

Fashion forecasting include activities like noting the lifestyle of consumers, evaluating popular designer collections, studying market conditions, surveying fashion publications, research sales statistics, observing street fashions etc. Trend watcher must have to design a proper framework to explain how the trend starts and its possible trail within a social system because observation is not enough to take an advantage in a competitive market. The directional theories of fashion change trickle across, trickle up and trickle down to make forecasting easier by pointing the predictable route that trend will take and for how much time it will last and also pointing the probable starting points for a fashion trend.




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