How to look Gorgeous with this amazing Kaftan tops

The kaftan tops are the most comfortable and flattering for women as they are free-flowing. Some people (including women) had a mindset that you can wear Kaftan tops only at the beaches. Although they are most suitable for that purpose only, it is not suitable only for the beach. You can impress others and make some eye-brows raise with these kaftan tops no matter what the occasion is. You are only supposed to style it right and you are all set to slay.


For those who don’t know a traditional kaftan is an ankle length dress and have a long flowing sleeve. This loose dress was initially worn by men in the Middle East and often comes with a belt around the waist. Things changed over the years and from the luxurious garment, it became something worn by poor people. But it has now made its way back to fashion in recent years and they becoming more popular and pleasing for the casual look.


One of the most popular ways of wearing kaftan tops is on the beach, you can use it as a cover-up on the beach as it will immediately take your beachwear at an upper level. It is really comfortable and you can wear it on your bikini or swimsuit, needless to say, it gives you protection against the UV rays as it is long enough to cover your body. You can find this beautiful multi-coloured kaftan top at


As it is not fitted garment, you can wear it on your swimsuit and sit freely by dipping your feet in it. For the ladies who are not comfortable in showing their skin, this beautiful kaftan will help you look gorgeous while staying cool. You can pair it up with the matching sandals with classy shades and you are all set to rock the beach. If you want to add up more style to your beach look you can add a belt with it and you are done.


Add this amazing multi-coloured kaftan top to your wardrobe and slay the beach look. You can also add value to your kaftan with a matching head wrap or a scarf.


  • You can make your waist look tiny by cinching your kaftan in with a wide leather belt.
  • A silk or cotton kaftan top looks wonderful over shorts. Top it up with beads and achieve the perfect casual summer look.
  • Kaftans are very comfortable and loose-fitting, which is why they are the perfect sleepwear and loungewear too. Just pick a pattern you like and make sure your item is made of a natural fabric so that your body is kept cool even on hot days.

It all depends on when you plan to wear your kaftan. The flowy fabric is usually made of can make your dress look inappropriate for the occasion you want it unless you upgrade its look with carefully selected accessories. Having said that, a kaftan made of silk, cotton or another natural fabric is definitely a great pick for a casual outing (i.e. beach picnic).


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