Tops are like moods; you have got to experience them all

A top is a garment that covers the least of the chest. The light-weight and the necessity of the garment made the humans add to its simplicity and design something stylish for everyone. Tops are the heart and soul of all the leading women’s garment manufacturers and designers. This concept of clothing has evolved into various modern forms to add and design a women’s apparel more unique and impressive.  A top is a must have in every women’s wardrobe and is the most worn by every woman out there. They are available at offline and online stores, hewed by eminent designers at pocket friendly prices. The designs are structure changed with the eras, from plain sleeves to puffy long sleeves, and further to sleeveless, cold-shoulder and many more.



What makes a type top different unique from another? What are the trends?


This simple and attractive piece of garment is available in many designs and different types. So, let’s see the various factors that make a top exclusive from another. Following are the different dynamics you should keep in mind while purchasing the perfect top for you.




The fabric used to stich the cloth is the most important criteria for choosing a top. There are various types of fabric used to stich a top. Leather, Pure Cotton, acrylic, Bamboo, Blended, Leather, Liva, Lyocell, Cotton-Blend, Modal, Viscose- Rayon, Viscose, georgette, rayon mixed, Nylon, Polyester, Wool, crepe, Velvet, Linen, Net, Satin, jacquard, Poly Silk, Silk-Blend and many more. Depending on the type of top the best fabric should be picked out. The fabric used to stich the top also decides the following:


    1. Durability and life line of the top
    2. Usage of the top
    3. Washing and cleaning


     Top Designs:

    There are a sundry of beautiful designs and types available for this decent garment. A woman should have at least one from all the styles mentioned below, though it depends on the buyer’s choice and presences. The following are the types and styles available:


    1. Bardot Tops
    2. Blouson Tops
    3. Boxy Tops
    4. Bralette Tops
    5. Cape Tops
    6. Clinches Waist Tops
    7. A- line Tops
    8. Empire Tops
    9. Fitted Tops
    10. Peplum Tops
    11. High-low Tops
    12. Knitted Tops
    13. Woven Tops
    14. Maxi Tops
    15. Regular Tops
    16. Shirt Style Tops
    17. Kaftan Tops
    18. Styled Back Tops
    19. Tank Tops
    20. Tiered Tops
    21. Tube Tops
    22. Wrap Tops
    23. Camisole Tops


     Sleeve Styling

    Wide variety of designs are available at affordable prices. Following are the styles of sleeves, well suited for every female wanting to look unique:

    1. Batwing Sleeve
    2. Bell Sleeves
    3. Bishop Sleeves
    4. Cap Sleeves
    5. Cape Sleeves
    6. Cold Shoulder Sleeves
    7. Puff Sleeves
    8. Raglan Sleeves

    Length of the Sleeves

      It entirely depends on the buyer’s choice and preference as well as on the occasion. The following lengths of sleeves of tops are available in the market:

      1. Long Sleeves
      2. No Sleeves
      3. Short Sleeves
      4. Sleeveless
      5. Three – Quarter Sleeves


      Transparency of the Tops:

      There are opaque, sheer and semi- sheer tops available.



        Styling tips on Tops:


        Wearing the right design and styling it with proper accessories and shoes adds to the appearance. Surf various fabrics during the shopping and chose the one well suited for the occasion. A flared or peplum top with pants, trousers or skirt along with block or pencil heels, or a lace top will be the perfect outfit for office party. A sequence based shinning sleeveless top with high heels will add to be party. A colorful and vibrant kaftan top or floral and flamboyant printed tube top is the right choice for outing. Lastly, your wardrobe should not avert a wraparound chic sweater top that will the flawless fashion statement of comfort and style. Find all the latest trends on


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