Wevez Short Length Magic Wrap Skirts Plus Size


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Style: Wrap magic
Color: Mix assorted

Measure (Approx):
Height: 24" inches
Waist: 58" inches
Category: Sari skirts
Please note: This is short skirt with more waist size

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    Last week i got a 3 pack of skirts all beautiful with coordinating layers and they honored my requests for color and pattern!!! I also have 3 wrap pants and 4 hooded tops from wevez, LOVE THEM ALL!!! And shipping from india is faster than things i order from here in the US! Each time i had my package within 3 business days!!! Cant wait to order more from them!!💜💜💜

    Love these skirts!

    I love these skirts. It's winter in the Midwest so I have only worn as skirts but I look forward to wearing as dresses as well when it warms up. They are lovely and comfortable. Very reasonably priced as well.

    The only thing missing is choice

    This is not my first purchase of these skirts. I like that some effort has been put into making interesting pairings of fabrics. Some are obvious, some are a stretch, and some are just perplexing, but all are interesting in some way. I like that they fit whether my weight is up or down, so I don't have to think about putting one on. The only down side is lack of color choice. Most are nice surprises, but some are just colors I would never wear. Still, the price is amazing, and I can re-home the ones not to my taste without too much sting to my wallet. Buy extras to make sure you get enough you love! They pack down small, so great for travel.


    Great length - beautiful fabrics

    will mostly give them away

    This is the second time I have ordered; the first time was perfect. In the note I asked for darker, bolder colors... royal blue, deep gold, black, dark forest greet, royal purples, etc. And that's exactly what I got. I wear them all the time and they always make me happy! So I ordered the 10-pack with the same note about colors. I expected to get a few that I didn't adore, but I got one perfect skirt -- a gorgeous dark forest green with gold highlights -- and 9 pastels... soft pink, light beige, sky blue, lime green, etc. I even checked the backsides, and those are mostly the same. The skirts are perfect in every way except they are colors that don't bring me joy to wear. :-) So I'll share.