Wevez Short Length Magic Wrap Skirts Plus Size


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Style: Wrap magic
Color: Mix assorted

Measure (Approx):
Height: 24" inches
Waist: 58" inches
Category: Sari skirts
Please note: This is short skirt with more waist size

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    will mostly give them away

    This is the second time I have ordered; the first time was perfect. In the note I asked for darker, bolder colors... royal blue, deep gold, black, dark forest greet, royal purples, etc. And that's exactly what I got. I wear them all the time and they always make me happy! So I ordered the 10-pack with the same note about colors. I expected to get a few that I didn't adore, but I got one perfect skirt -- a gorgeous dark forest green with gold highlights -- and 9 pastels... soft pink, light beige, sky blue, lime green, etc. I even checked the backsides, and those are mostly the same. The skirts are perfect in every way except they are colors that don't bring me joy to wear. :-) So I'll share.